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 As an accomplished and experienced provider of IT and business process services, Jim Griffith takes pride in offering the Best Practice for accomplishing computer and telephone systems management in Wooster for the organizations he serves. Jim is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers with quality technology consulting each and every day. He has worked in IT for over 40 years. He has helped to establish and improve systems and processes in companies that do business in many industries and commercial enterprises from steel mills and automobile dealerships to financial institutions, government agencies and law offices. Call Best Practice Consulting in Wooster to discuss your ideas today!

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Improve your computer and telephone systems management.  Let us help you create a technical solution that makes good business sense to you.

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Take advantage of this Free Up Front coupon by giving us a call and telling us about what is on your mind.  We will come in and meet with you, discuss your issues and ideas, and develop an initial strategy with you.  Right click on the coupon below, click copy, paste it into Word or any word processor, print, and call us at (330)464-3026.

If YOu have an idea. we can create a strategy.

Sensible Solutions

We proudly provide our customers with practical and easy business solutions that they can maintain and control.

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What does that mean?  We strongly believe in delivering innovative, effective, and cost effective strategies to your ideas that you can control and maintain beyond each project that we complete together.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success by showing an interest in first knowing that we understand their goals, then we work with them to keep projects aligned with those goals.

Forward Thinking

Our consultant is a leading expert in dozens of commercial business and industrial environments and he has years of experience working in those environments.